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What Is Our Principal Purpose?

  • To generate and protect investor wealth through the long term differentiated returns offered by our unique investment management strategies.

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What Are Our Paramount Goals?

  • Generate consistent, positive, risk-adjusted returns across market cycles with low volatility.

  • Deliver strong long-term investment performance across a unique range of alternative investment strategies and formats.

  • Continue to build our investing reputation based on strong governance, risk management, financial discipline and innovation.

How Do We Put Our Strategy Into Action?

  • We create global allocation by opportunistically investing worldwide as an important element in the diversification of our portfolio.

  • We use varied investments across exchanges and instruments along with disciplined risk management to minimize our portfolio volatility.

  • Limit our use of leverage to generate consistent investment performance and emphasize preservation of investor capital.

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What Makes Our Business Model Different From Our Competitors?

  • We offer you a plan to double your assets every five years.

  • We offer higher returns than traditional investments (12-20% annually) on your principal.

  • We offer different investment return options, guaranteed in writing.

  • No fees and No lock out periods.

  • Higher returns then our competitors.